JMCIS (Joint Maritime Command Information System):
Another Program ETI Units Support

Joint Maritime Command Information System (JMCIS) Ashore, formerly the Operations Support System (OSS), is being developed and implemented using an Evolutionary Acquisition (EA) approach to facilitate fielding state-of-the-art command center support capabilities that keep pace with changing threats and evolving requirements. JMCIS Ashore provides a single integrated Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) system that receives, processes, displays, maintains and assesses the unit characteristics, employment scheduling, materiel condition, combat readiness, warfighting capabilities, positional information and disposition of own and Allied forces, and allows decision makers to optimize the allocation of resources.

JMCIS Ashore provides current geolocational information on hostile and neutral land, sea and air forces integrated with intelligence and environmental information, and near real time weapons targeting data to submarines as part of the Shore Targeting Terminal (STT) replacement effort. JMCIS Ashore supports real time tasking of Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) assets in conjunction with the Force High Level Terminal (FHLT) replacement effort, force scheduling requirements of the Navy (from CNO to the squadron level), and Navy Status of Forces (NSOF) responsibilities as part of the Navy Worldwide Military Command & Control System (WWMCCS) Software Standardization (NWSS) replacement effort.

ETI's systems are in use supporting this program, including examples below:

JMCIS US Navy ETI0001-1004
JMCIS US Navy ETI0001-1005
JMCIS US Navy ETI0001-1005AB
JMCIS US Navy ETI0001-1008
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