DTC-2 (Automated Digital Network System):
Another Program ETI Units Support

In 1993, the BPHES program was redirected by the Program Manager to make use of existing USAF software which was the core of the U-2 reconnaissance program's ground station. The USAF ground station performs a function similar to the one BGPHES-ST is intended to perform. This ground station software was translated to operate on standard Navy computers which exist on all major afloat combatants. The Air Force Tactical Ground Intercept Facility (TGIF) software was rehosted into the Navy's DTC-2/TAC-4 computers. The USAF software was successfully rehosted into a smaller marinized Navy system.

ETI's systems are in use supporting this program, including examples below:

DTC-2 US Navy ETI0001-1004
DTC-2 US Navy ETI0001-1005
DTC-2 US Navy ETI0001-1005AB
DTC-2 US Navy ETI0001-1008
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