AN/SQQ-89 Integrated Surface Ship ASW Combat System:
Another Program ETI Units Support

The AN/SQQ-89 Undersea Warfare Combat System is a naval anti-submarine warfare system for surface ships. The system presents an integrated picture of the tactical situation by receiving, combining and processing active and passive sensor data from the hull-mounted array, towed array and sonobuoys. AN/SQQ-89 is integrated with the AEGIS combat system and provides a full range of USW functions including active and passive sensors, underwater fire control, onboard trainer and highly-evolved display subsystem. It provides detection, classification, and targeting capabilities on multiple platforms.

ETI's systems are in use supporting this program, including examples below:

AN/SQQ89(V)15 US Navy ETI0001-1447
AN/SQQ-89A Integrated Surface Ship ASW Combat System US Navy ETI0001-1230AA



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