AN/BLQ-10(V) Electronic Warfare Systems:
Another Program ETI Units Support

The BLQ-10 system, formerly called the Advanced Submarine Tactical ESM Combat System (ASTECS) RDT&E project, is the advanced ESM system for the Virginia (SSN-774) class that supports operations in both the open-ocean environment and the complex littoral signals environment. It consists of signal receivers, displays, and advanced processing and analysis equipment. ESM provides detection, identification, and direction-finding for radar and communication signals emanating from ships, aircraft, submarines, and other emitters. ESM equipment is used by attack submarines to aid in self-protection, situation awareness, and intelligence-gathering for battle group support. Battle group dissemination of the information gathered from these signals will be provided via the ships combat control system and communications equipment.

AN/BLQ10(V) Electronic Warfare Systems US Navy ETI0001-2214
AN/BLQ10(V) Electronic Warfare Systems US Navy ETI0001-2215



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